Increase in Statutory Minimum Salaries

According to the Presidential Decree dated 18 June 2019, the minimum salary increased from 180 manat to 250 manat. The minimum monthly salary is the minimum amount of wage can be paid in Azerbaijan, and applies to both employees of private and state sectors working under employment agreements.

The increase in the minimum salary will automatically increase certain social payments and penalties, while reducing the income taxes imposed on salaries of employees (because the amount of the minimum salary is exempt from the payment of employment income taxes). 

Singapore Convention on Mediation
06 Apr 2020
Singapore Convention on Mediation has been opened for signing
State Registry of Liens over Movable Properties is Available
06 Apr 2020
Liens over movable property, including pledges can now be registered electronically at the following website adress:
Adrem Attorneys is Hiring
06 Apr 2020
Adrem Attorneys Law Firm is hiring 2 legal interns