Philosophy and Pro Bono

“Directly to the Point” Philosophy

In order to provide our clients with highest possible standard of legal service and retain the quality of our services, we follow a philosophy which is also embodied in the name ad rem, meaning “directly to the point, without digression” in Latin. Generally, our philosophy is to concentrate on our clients’ business and provide them with advice, which is efficient, effective and to the point. 

We concentrate on our clients’ short-term and long-term goals, and guided by full understanding of clients’ businesses solve their problems in the most efficient way. We operate exercising commercial judgment guided by determination to provide best solution to the clients’ legal needs. We believe quality of our services shall be evaluated by the quality of the solutions we propose to our clients. We are primarily aimed providing our clients with efficient and real solutions to make improve their situation or solve their problems.

In addition to our knowledge, skills and international experience, we are well aware of local realities. Therefore, we intent to propose solutions which are feasible and effective in local realities. Mindfulness of Clients’ Needs: Clients can trust us to take responsible, practical and business-oriented approach in achieving their goals. We believe with our integrity and quality of services we can gain and retain the trust of our clients and become their trusted companion. We adopt the view that deep understanding of our clients’ strategy and business are very essential for successful representing them and defending of their interests.

Pro Bono

Our law firm is dedicated to the idea that businesses should also contribute to society. Accordingly, our law firm has been a proud partner and sponsor of many student competitions, and our attorneys hold frequent pro bono lectures and trainings for law students and other attorneys. 

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