The firm offers its high level of experience and expertise across all our practices including, among others, on banking, finance, commercial, corporate, procurement, commercial litigation and arbitration law. Our lawyers have experience working for leading law firms and financial institutions.

Since its establishment, the clients of the law firm have included inter alia a major payment-processing company, the biggest local pharmaceutical companies and an international industrial corporation listed as a Fortune 500 company.  The Law Firm has also provided legal advice to the World Bank Group on the legislation of Azerbaijan on getting loans (including secured transactions reform) with regard to the Doing Business report. The collective experience, knowledge, motivation and commitment of our lawyers provide a solid foundation for efficient, qualitative and reliable service.

Our lawyers are experienced in various fields, including corporate, finance, banking, arbitration and commercial litigation, which ensures the quality and professionalism of our legal services. In addition, with their business administration education and/or experience in business management, our lawyers understand the needs of business and are capable in supporting our clients in their business decisions and new beginnings.

Various backgrounds and experience of our team members allows to see particular issues in a broader perspective.

The law firm was founded by Ruslan Mirzayev, a seasoned lawyer with experience in dispute resolution and banking law.

BLOG: Some Reflections About Emerging Arbitration Hubs
02 Jul 2022
Recently, many governments have made efforts to establish their states as international arbitration destinations. This post discusses these emerging trends, as well as the challenges and factors affecting the prospects of such initiatives.
Singapore Convention on Mediation
02 Jul 2022
Singapore Convention on Mediation has been opened for signing
State Registry of Liens over Movable Properties is Available
02 Jul 2022
Liens over movable property, including pledges can now be registered electronically at the following website adress: