Adrem Attorneys is an internationally-ranked independent boutique law firm based in Baku, Azerbaijan. Despite only being established late in 2015, our law firm has been steadily gaining strong reputation and has become a preferred local counsel for leading international law firms, multinational corporations and major local companies. The firm is specialised in, among others, international arbitration, merger and acquisitions, corporate banking, finance and international commercial laws. The firm is managed by Ruslan Mirzayev, a lawyer qualified in the State of New York, USA, and the Republic of Azerbaijan as an attorney. He has rich experience in international arbitration, alternative dispute resolution, banking law and corporate law. Previously, Ruslan Mirzayev worked for the London office of a globally first-tier law firm practice in the UK and a first-tier local law firm in Azerbaijan. He has also represented parties in international multi-million commercial and investment arbitration cases, negotiations and financial transactions.
BLOG: Some Reflections About Emerging Arbitration Hubs
06 Jan 2020
Recently, many governments have made efforts to establish their states as international arbitration destinations. This post discusses these emerging trends, as well as the challenges and factors affecting the prospects of such initiatives.
Singapore Convention on Mediation
09 Aug 2019
Singapore Convention on Mediation has been opened for signing
State Registry of Liens over Movable Properties is Available
01 May 2018
Liens over movable property, including pledges can now be registered electronically at the following website adress: https://mpcr.fimsa.az.
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